Monday, March 3, 2008


I love food and I am always searching for new recipes. I love to share the recipes I find and I have found that my friends are always the best resource for new and delicious food.

If you were invited to this blog, you are an author and I ask you to please contribute your favorite recipes! When possible, add a picture along with your recipe.

Thanks so much for participating! This will be fun.


Julie said...

Kim--this is a fabulous idea. Thanks for the mouth is already watering wanting to try and make these rolls!!! Thanks!

Kammy said...

Great idea Kim! I've been on a new recipe kick lately. Most have been rejected by half my family, but a couple work, so I'll have to pass them on. I don't know if I can take pictures that look like yours!!

Sarah said...

Thank you Kim! I'm excited! Thank you for including me, and I hope you will also be including your bread recipe too! ( I am so excited for the roll one too)

Andrea said...

Kim, we must be on the same wave length. I was just starting a blog post on my lemon cakes I am making tonight, and thought 'how can I organize my recipes on my blog?' I checked my email and found this invite. What a great idea!!