Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Newlywed Challenge

My niece Melissa is getting married this summer, and I was just thinking how it is a pretty challenging task sometimes to fix dinner just for two. So.... wouldn't it be great if we could all give her our favorite recipes for two? Keep putting on all your other favorite recipes, though. Thanks!


Mom and Dad said...

I remember when we got married and money was so tight I only bought and cooked enough for two. I found out later that Dad thought he was always starving. He had been use to having left overs in the frig :) for snacking. Would you believe 44 years ago our budget for food was $8 a week!

Sarah said...

I make a big pot of soup (using all the fresh produce that must be eaten or perish) and then I put the left overs into gallon freezer bags- just enough so that the bag can lie flat in the freezer ( which seems about perfect for two) then on busy nights, it is so easy to just take out one of the soups and warm it up. ( just microwave it until it can be broken into a couple of chunks and put it on the stove with a little extra water). Tasty, filling, and inexpensive!