Friday, May 23, 2008

Chicken Noodle Soup

Since we have soup weather again, I decided to post one of our favorites... and while I love to cook, I'm not really a recipe follower (or writer), but this is one thing I make that generally turns out the same.

Start out with a chopped onion, sliced carrots, sliced celery, minced garlic and two or three bay leaves in the bottom of a soup pot cooking down in some butter or oil until they get soft ( I do this slowly- with the heat on or around 4)  I pour in a little stock to de-glaze the bottom from time to time- then I either throw some chicken breast tenders in and poach them, or we also like to throw the chicken on the grill(we like to season it with "Montreal Chicken seasoning") and then slice it.  Then add more chicken stock to the pot and add noodles (they have some at Costco that are almost like home- made, or you can make some)  I like to cook the noodles right in the soup, then once they are done,  this is the secret:  Make a light roux  (I am sorry I do not measure- but I put in a whole stick of butter if it is a huge pot, and less if it is smaller, and I dump a couple of cups of flour in- cook it or low and stir a lot)  in a separate pan and then whisk it into the soup and bring it back to a slow boil (it makes it creamy and delicious like the chicken noodle at The Brick Oven) finally,  add frozen peas and fresh chopped parsley, salt and pepper. 


Kim Edwards said...

Yum - that looks so incredibly good! The bread in the background is making me hungry to look at it too. Thanks, Sarah!

Mom and Dad said...

This looks so yummy. I love making chicken noodle soup, our comfort soup. I love your "directions and measurements"--can tell you are a great cook! So glad Kim helps keep us in touch with you.

Sarah said...

The bread is from Costco, and I am honored that the Edwards' are interested in our progress- thank you!!