Sunday, June 29, 2008

Round Cake

Kim asked how I made this cake, um, this Pokemon Ball. I borrowed this cake pan from a friend--it cooks the ball in two halves. You level the halves with a knife and then stick the two halves together with frosting. It works great!! The halves stick together without cracking or breaking. It's easy and fun. My friend has used this pan for a disco party for her daughter (white frosting with shiny sprinkles) and a death star for her son (great star wars party!). I think I'll eventually make some kind of sports ball, too.

The only hint I have is to use a stiffer cake batter. I used a white cake mix where you just use egg whites--very stiff. However, anything will work. You just have to be more careful.


Kammy said...

OK. It looks AMAZING. I used the same pan to make a "kickball" cake for my son two years ago and it looked pathetic. Not spherical. Kudos to you!!

Kim Edwards said...

Thanks, Steph! It is such a cute cake. So, where can you find the mold?

Kammy said...

OK Steph, it turns out I didn't give away my sports ball mold. So do you have any tips about the awesome red and white? How much frosting did it take to cover the entire ball? I'm going to attempt to do this for Nolan next week. Thanks for the great idea!! I especially like the white cake mix tip.